would you wear the same thing seven days in a row?



#oneweekonedress is a personal experiment challenging us to wear one item seven days in a row. find a core piece in your closet to replace several, lesser worn items. this simple challenge might just become a catalyst to rethink the way you live and consume.

tag your photos with #oneweekonedress to build the community and inspire others.

live simply.
we’re of the mindset that a simple life is the best life. fewer choices in our life (and in our closet) creates more space and time to do the things we love.

consume carefully.
we’re believers in slow consumption. when considering a purchase we like to start by asking ourselves: do we need this? how frequently will we use this? how long will it last?

do good.
kindness. charity. love. let’s commit to being doers of good and leading by example.

in the photos above Ellie, our Director of Design and Development, shows us how she styles her dress over seven days.