meet the wool& team


Hailing everywhere from California to Michigan, our team is small but skillful. We share a lot of laughs in the office, take team lunch (very seriously) together every other Tuesday, and take turns walking our resident Bernese Mountain Dog, Rainbow. I asked the team questions regarding some of their favorite things, and learned a lot in return. We thought you might like to see who’s behind the brand. Read to learn a little bit about what the team does on day-to-day basis, and some personal facts about each of them.

Mac, Founder

Mac is our merino-loving founder. He does a little bit of everything: strategy, marketing, operations, human resources, and finance. Mac spends most of his time collaborating with and supporting each wool& team member.

Favorite book?
Can’t pick an all-time fave. Favorite recent read: All the Light We Cannot See.

Favorite museum?
The Getty (for its exterior beauty).

Sue, Operations Lead

As the Operations Lead, Sue takes care of the day-to-day activities allowing the other team members to focus on moving the business forward.  She secretly loves the financial planning and accounting side of the business.

Favorite restaurant or meal you’ve experienced?
I've been lucky enough to enjoy some excellent meals around the world, but right now, the best meals are simple, home-cooked food with friends and meaningful conversations, and a glass of wine.

Favorite inspirational person or quote?
"I'm no longer accepting the things I cannot change... I'm changing the things I cannot accept." —Angela Davis

Chris, Brand Director

As Brand Director, Chris is responsible for all outward facing components of our company (apparel aside). He’s a combination graphic designer, photographer, and art director. Those emails you get, he makes them.

Favorite concert or performance?
Dan Deacon at The Strut, 2010.

Favorite hiking spot?
Kearsarge Pinnacles in the Sierras.

Ellie, Director of Design and Development

Ellie, Director of Design and Development, is the mastermind behind design. Her role involves creation of every wooly-style, color direction, fit, and fabric development.

Favorite song/album?
Always Disco. Currently JD McPherson.

Favorite way to spend a day off?
Making something with my hands: cooking, sewing, or throwing pottery.

Meg, Communications Specialist

Meg (Communications Specialist) handles all things related to communications. She oversees the customer support team, manages social media content, writes copy, and works the showroom. And she works it hard.

Favorite vacation destination?
Seely Lake, Montana. My dad grew up learning how to swim there. I loved swimming in the glacier-cold water, sitting by the campfire, fishing, and hiking around the nearby trails.

Cup of coffee, or tea?
The old me would say coffee, but it makes me feel nuts now. I enjoy english breakfast tea with milk and lots of honey, or boba.

Drake, Customer Experience Agent

Drake is Customer Experience Agent, and is responsible for responding to all customer service inquiries over email and the phone, as well as processing returns and exchanges.

Favorite book?
One, No one and One Hundred Thousand
by Luigi Pirandello.

Favorite meal or restaurant that you’ve experienced?
Viana Barcelona (in Spain).

Rainbow, Doggo Extraordinaire

Rainbow oversees the office at large, and is responsible for all therapeutic interactions, including but not limited to: enthusiastic greetings, slobbery kisses, walks through the park, and overall an unsurpassable level of cuteness.

Favorite thing in the world?
Tummy Rubs.

Favorite pastime?

Mac Bishop